Fire Retardant Polythene Sheeting


We are the UK's best choice when it comes to buying Fire Retardant Polythene Sheeting, DPM Damp Proof Membrane, Builders Film and Standard Polythene Sheeting, but why?

Well, for over 20 years we have been supplying and a huge range of stock and custom made polythene sheeting solutions including Fire Retardant Flame Proof Types

We are also very competitive, we offer unbeatable prices on a range of polythene sheeting including black, clear, antistatic, fire retardant polythene sheeting, antislip polythene and low slip protection sheeting

We also run a "Price Promise" if you can find polythene sheeting cheaper, tell us, and we will do our best to beat it by 10% What have you got to lose?

Most of our polythene is in stock and available for a next day delivery throughout the uk and europe

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ALLIGATA&reg; is one of the worlds leading brands of Temporary Surface Protection Materials. With a huge range of products, tried and tested by professionals in many sectors including Ship, Office, Shop and Hotel Refurbishment and Fit-out companies as well as general Construction & Building Contractors

ALLIGATA&reg; is a registered trademark within the UK and is owned by Indigo Industrial Supplies Ltd, a large UK supplier of a massive range of industrial materials including; Temporary Surface Protection, Magnets and Magnetic Materials, Self Adhesive Tapes, Protective Clothing & PPE, Hook & Loop Fasteners, Packaging Materials, Safety Signs, Janitorial and More!

Indigo were established in 1998 and have grown during this time to become one of the leading companies of its type

With over 400 websites and 6 dedicated online shops, Indigo remain the most prominent internet supplier.

Brands include; Titan Tapes, Packright Packaging Materials, Alligata Protection, Rip 'n' Grip Hook & Loop Fasteners & Polarity Magnets, plus are suppliers of market leading brands such as 3M, TESA, SCAPA and Advance Tapes


We supply a huge range of Temporary Floor & Surface Protection Materials including;

StickyShield&reg; Professional Adhesive Protection Film for Carpets, Windows, Hard Floors & Hard Surfaces. StickyShield&reg; is our most popular protection material and is the modern alternative to the traditional Dust Sheet. StickyShield&reg; is a branded film, unlike many of our competitors who sell plain unbranded films which does not tell you the source. StickyShield&reg; is also colour coded for ease of use, you will never apply the wrong film to the surface again, colours are Green for Carpes, Blue for Windows and Red for Hard Floors & Hard Surfaces such as Janirotial, Bathrooms, Kitchen cupboards and Worktops, Doors and More

StickyShield&reg; is supplied in 600mm and 1200mm wide rolls in many lengths including our new mini rolls which are just 20 metres long, these are handy to give to contractors for small jobs

For a sample, price or more info please call 01268 768 768 and remember we offer a<b> PRICE BEATER GUARANTEE</b> on all our products!

Correx - We sell an equivalent brand to the market leader Correx, our brand is called ALLIBOARD and is also a corrugated polypropylene board or twinwall. Supplied in sheets it gives the best protection possible to Floors, Walls, Doors, Ceilings, Windows and virtually any surface. ALLIBOARD is water-proof, re-useable and available in standard or Flame Retardant to LPS 1207

Flame Retardant LPS 1207 LPCB - Many of our products are certified to the LPS 1207 regulation, products include Correx, Polythene Sheeting and various Protection Films

We offer products to protect Handrails, Doorframes, Carpets, Stairs, Floors, Windows, Glass, Wood Flooring, Tiles, Marble, Laminate, Oak and many more surfaces

Other products we supply include; Antimar, Megashield, Damp Proof Membrane, DPM Film, Megafilm, Polythene Sheeting, Fire & Flame Retardant Materials, Tack Mats, Sticky Mats, Foam Protection, Paper Protection, Antislip Protection, Door Protector Products, Rubble SAcks, Work Wear, Site Supplies and much more

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